Macon Baptist Association
Tuesday, February 18, 2020
47 Churches working together to Empower Kindgom Growth
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Our Churches


Aquone Baptist Church
46 Wesser Creek Road, Aquone

No pastor at present 

Longview Baptist Church
93 Jones Ridge Road, Franklin
Rev. Johnny Lee
(828) 524-6836

Bethel Hill Baptist Church
Nantahala School Rd, Nantahala
Rev. Darryl Dockery
(828) 321-5978 
Mashburn Branch Baptist Ch
Mashburn Branch Rd, Franklin
Rev. Travis Buchanan
Biltmore Baptist Church, Franklin
53 E Main St, Suite A, Franklin
Rev. Patrick Trawick
(828) 651-6123
Mount Hope Baptist Church
199 Old Patton Road, Franklin
Rev. Brian Pitts
(828) 524-2566

Black Mountain Baptist Church
1548 South Skeenah Rd, Franklin
Rev. Cale Stancil
(828) 524-6954
Mount Harmony Baptist Church
Franklin, NC
Rev. Darren Cochran
(828) 421-6031
Briartown Baptist Church
19292 Wayah Road,
Rev. Bo Phillips           
Mountain Grove Baptist Church
179 Grandview Circle, Franklin
Buck Creek Baptist Church
4870 Buck Creek Road, Highlands
Rev. Jamie Passmore
(828) 526-9458
Newman Chapel Baptist Church
60 Mulberry Road, Otto
Rev. Ricky Potts
(828) 524-9483
Burningtown Baptist Church
5078 Lower Burningtown Rd, Frkln
Rev. Brian Holland
(828) 524-2306
Oakdale Baptist Church
5650 Upper Burningtwn Rd,
Rev. Jeremy Gibbs
(828) 369-5048
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church Rd, Otto

No pastor LISTED
Oak Grove Baptist Church
28 Lakey Creek Road, Franklin

(828) 369-7897
Cartoogechaye Baptist Church
465 West Old Murphy Road, Franklin
Rev. Brian Southard
(828) 524-6557
Pine Grove Baptist Church
7454 Highlands Road, Franklin
Rev. Greg Rogers
(828) 349-0120
Clear Creek Baptist Church
Blue Valley Road, Highlands
Rev. Jim Kinard
(828) 787-1768
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
142 Pleasant Hill Road, Franklin
Rev. Josh Brooks
(828) 349-4075
Community Baptist Church
225 Sloan Street, Franklin
Rev. Tully Griggs
(828) 524-1136
Prentiss Baptist Church
605 Middle Skeenah Rd, Franklin
Rev. Allen Waters
Cowee Baptist Church
6301 Bryson City Road, Franklin
(828) 524-3469
Rev. Jason Smith
Ridge Crest Baptist Church
206 Ridgecrst Baptist Ch Rd, Frkln
Rev. Guy Duvall
Coweeta Baptist Church
Off US 441 South, Otto
Rev. Keith Ashe
Riverbend Baptist Church
Riverbend Rd, Franklin
Rev. Roy Lowe
East Franklin Baptist Church
2057 Lakeside Drive, Franklin
Rev. Terry Jenkins
(828) 524-8296
Rose Creek Baptist Church
80 Blue Ridge Drive, Franklin
Rev. Randy Drinnon          
Ellijay Baptist Church
16 Little Ellijay Road, Franklin
No pastor at present
Shortoff Baptist Church
11339 Buck Creek Rd, Highlands
(828) 524-6245
Franklin First Baptist Church
69 Iotla Street, Franklin
Dr. Robert S. Brown
(828) 369-9559

South Macon Baptist Church
Clarks Chapel Road, Franklin
Rev. Albert Grey
(828) 524-0919
Goldmine Baptist Church
606 Dendy Orchard Road, Highlands
No pastor at present

Sugarfork Baptist Church
Sugarfork Church Rd, Franklin
Rev. Gene Hawkins
(828) 524-4340
Higdonville Baptist Church
1714 Sugarfork Road, Franklin
Rev. Scott Matthews
Tellico Baptist Church
Tellico, NC 
(828) 524-4222
Highlands Central Baptist Church
670 North 4th St, Highlands
Dr. Dan Robinson
(828) 526-0774
Walnut Creek Baptist
Walnut Creek Rd
Rev. Mike Wilson
Highlands First Baptist Church
220 W. Main Street, Highlands
Dr. Mark Ford
(828) 526-4153
Watauga Baptist Church
658 Watauga Church Rd, Franklin 
Rev. Wesley Price
(828) 524-9811
Holly Springs Baptist Church
366 Holly Springs Chrch Rd, Franklin
Dr. Don Seagle
(828) 524 5564
Wells Grove Baptist Church 
1189 Wells Grove Road, Franklin 
Rev. Terry L. Dixon
(828) 369-8156
Iotla Baptist Church
1537 Iotla Church Road, Franklin
Rev. Brandon Breedlove
(828) 524-7167
West Franklin Baptist Church 
120 Sloan Road, Franklin
(828) 524-5496
No pastor at present
Liberty Baptist Church
Ned Hill Road, Franklin
Rev. Davis Hooper
(828) 524-6588
Windy Gap Baptist
140 John Tallent Rd, Franklin
Rev. Mark Bishop
(828) 369-0499
Lifespring Community Church
Addington Bridge Rd, Franklin
Rev. Bryon Lamb
(828) 371-2235