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Saturday, February 23, 2019
47 Churches working together to Empower Kindgom Growth

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Here are some prayers that will really help our church community; please join us in praying these.  Lee Shankle 524 1322  if you have any suggestions on more prayer ideas.  Thank you.

Our Pastors prayer intercessions for March 1st: [and for the whole month of March]

That your pastors will be able to spend time in meditation and Bible gleaning with Jesus; praying more. He will feel love from his flock; we will tell him AND HIS FAMILY OFTEN. That he will feel led to be a truth-teller to his congregation.

Our intercession for our church and our community of other churches:

That the people of my church will spend quality time each day with our Lord, We will encourage and build one another with kindness and specifics, We will ask God each day for His direction

 These prayers are ones you can pray for yourself or your loved ones…thank you for praying…

Father God and Lord, We come to You with grateful hearts and minds that are too busy.  We want to spend time with You, Jesus but…… we let our work, our family and our “things” interfere…Please teach us that time with You let’s all the rest work well, relate to our spouses and children calmer and our things that seem important, really aren’t.  You are…In that wonderful Name, we pray.  Amen.

 Jesus, we are seeing daffodils, buds on trees and hearing a chorus of Your creation singing for all they are worth.  In Your name, Lord I pray that You make us aware and thankful for all the blessings You give us:  _______, _______________, _____________ are just a few.  Tune us in to music and praise of You.  Amen

 Sweet Lord Jesus, I pray this prayer in Your Name…I need help with solving how to work with ______________.  I need Peace in my home and ______________.  My family needs are driving me over the edge because I am forgetting that You are always on my edges and in my heart.  Teach me to listen and to act or what I hear from YOU…Thank YOU...

 Is. 60:1 tells us to rise and shine; it doesn’t tell us to stop and ponder…we are to rise and do for You Lord.  Jesus was telling us in John 14:31 to do   as He did; in that He did what God, His Father commanded Him to do and did His Father instructed.  {Help us listen like that, Lord} At the end of that verse, Lord, You told Your disciple to arise and go away.  Those words are what You expect of us…to arise and do and go…Help us to be “doers’ Jesus, Help us to act and shine for YOU…In Your Name, amen.

 Lord God of everything…Direct this congregation to think of You more each day; to talk to You more each day and to praise You more.  I have learned when we do these things, we have more confidence, more peace and more ways come about to bring You glory.  Have us to encourage each other to do this; to turn to YOU first before anyone or anything else.  In Your Name, amen.


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